Nudge your
users to action

From seasonal campaigns to quick website adjustments, our dynamic widget library lets marketers deploy tests and personalizations code-free.
Our Dynamic Widget Library is a set of industry-specific, customizable templates marketers can quickly use to nudge visitors into action.
Show real-time, personalized messages to increase urgency, make use of social proof, play on ‘fear of missing out’, utilize the framing effect, and countless other psychological principles.
You decide how and when to use them, so you’ll always respect the user experience while continuing to increase engagement and transactions.
Social proof for retail

Turn browsers into buyers with dynamic social proof and urgency messaging. Create customizable messages showing how often a product has recently been viewed or purchased. No coding needed!

social proof AB Tasty
Social proof for media
The Bandwagon Effect is powerful. Encourage your readership by showing how many of your website visitors’ peers have recently consulted a certain article. Increase loyalty and engagement with one click.
AB Tasty social proof media

Create campaigns in a few clicks

Whether you’re working in e-commerce, media or focused on lead generation.
Limit cart abandonment
Detect user intent and make your visitor a relevant offer to nudge them to purchase the contents of their cart before leaving your site.
Collect email addresses
Nudge your web visitors to leave their contact information in order to stay informed about your offers. Use them later for targeted emails.
Create client loyalty
Use purchase history to make exceptional, personalized offers to reward your loyal clients and ambassadors.
Create urgency
Use countdown clocks to create a sense of urgency in your website visitors.
Promote new content
Announce product launches or new services with our wide range of formats, which guarantee that your messages get seen.
Increase CTA visibility
Insert a high-priority zone at the top of your page. Even when a website user scrolls down, this call-to-action stays visible.

See nudge engagement in action

Get started in 2 clicks. No coding. Fully customizable. Easy-to-use.

Create your campaigns in a few clicks

Break free from technical constraints.

Drag & drop editor
Absolutely no coding necessary. Do everything with your mouse using our configuration options.
Predefined formats
Choose from our wide range of campaign formats, and get to it!
Mobile friendly
All of our formats are responsive by default, saving you a maximum amount of time.
Personalize endlessly
Adapt the graphic style to your visual identity.
Updated in real-time
Check over the format and all configuration modifications made to your campaign in real time.

Choose your format

Maximize your message’s impact with the right format.

A format you can't ignore, for maximum impact.
The go-to format for all your urgency messaging tactics.
Slide in
A discrete but visible format to interact with your website users without being intrusive.
This format stands out, yet it still fits seamlessly with the look of your site.
A classic for making sure your most important announcements aren't overlooked.
Highlight a specific action to maximize conversions.

Create targeted campaigns

Use our native segmentation criteria or enrich them with your own data.
Page types
Target any or all pages on your site, or a subset of them.
Traffic sources
Adapt your messages according to your acquisition campaigns and the source of your web traffic.
Visitor behavior
Target your campaigns based on your web visitors' data.
Enriched profiles
Connect your DMP or CRM for added scenarios and more granular segments.
Change how you communicate according to where your audience is.
Think 'mobile first' and be as agile as your visitors expect.

Trigger your campaigns

Choose the perfect time to trigger your nudge.
Exit Intent
Don't just let your web visitors leave! Take this final opportunity.
User actions
Trigger the display of your campaign based on a specific user action.
Scroll percentage
Trigger your campaigns based on your visitors' navigation.
Time spent on site
Get the timing just right or talk to your most enthusiastic visitors.
Target inactive users by tempting them with an offer they can't refuse.
When page loads
Engage your users at first glance for powerful communication.