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core capabilities

AB Tasty was built to fast-growing companies. Whether you’re looking to scale or integrate AI-powered optimization techniques into your digital strategy, we’ve got the infrastructure and technology to keep pace.

Powerful AI capabilities

When it comes to experience optimization, artificial intelligence allows you to go faster, be more precise and drive better results, without the gruntwork. That’s why we’ve built AB Tasty with AI at its core.

Dynamic allocation

Never lose a single conversion. Dynamic traffic allocation, based on Thompson sampling, automatically sends all visitors to a winning variation once it’s statistically reliable. Maximum results, minimal effort.

Engagement level

Our machine learning algorithms analyze your website’s traffic to suggest four segments: disengaged, wanderers, valuable visitors, and loyal clients. Personalize the user’s experience based on their level of engagement.

Content interest

Build personalization campaigns around items visitors are interested in. Natural language processing and keyword technology identify segments for you. In one click, deliver contextual experiences that convert.

Social proof

Based on items viewed or purchased, social proof messaging on your product page is a powerful way to encourage transactions. Information is updated in real time with this dynamic widget.

Ready for scale

70 billion data events

With 900+ clients - and new ones every day - we're equipped to support any level of growth.

32 million visitors / day

As customer experiences become increasingly digital, the ability to process large amounts of data is critical to success.

250 data points / visitor

Get a 360 view of each of your visitors to better understand your audiences.

Robust data collection

Data powers our entire platform, from insights to analytics. We’re robust enough to scale with you as you grow, with the data to give you a 360 understanding of your audience.

Built for scale

Our infrastructure is powered by Google’s Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, and Cloud SQL to process over two billion events per day. We’re collecting data with BigQuery, and support real-time data availability.

Comprehensive data

Universal collect, our internal data collection process, captures over 250 data points providing enough granularity for powerful optimization campaigns.

Reliable reporting

Confidence intervals to test statistical significance help you make reliable, informed decisions about which tests to hardcode on your site. Powered by Bayesian statistics.

ROI at a glance

Visualize the ROI of your campaigns in terms of revenue generated. See how much of your traffic has been impacted by a campaign and how many campaigns your teams have deployed.

Success stories

Increased conversions by +15%

Ashley's furniture eliminated client frustration by shortening the checkout process, reducing cart abandonment rates and creating a more fluid transition to the payment step.

11.6% Increase in digital consultation

Panasonic discovered how to effectively drive more customers to digital channels for faster support, creating a better experience for users and significantly reducing support costs.

+42% Increase in CTR

Fenty wanted to test the CTAs driving traffic to new collections on their website. Through experimentation, the team discoverd that larger CTAs had a significant impact on traffic.

250% Increase in CTR

During COVID, Lush ran experiments testing shopping preferences, comparing care packages with self care promotion. The experiment resulted in +$7,5K in transactions and provided insights on shopping behavior during this period.

+26% Transactions

Knowing which photo to push first in a carousel can make all the difference between clicking on "view availability" and exiting the page to visit a competitor's site.